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My image is too light or darkUpdated 3 months ago

Lighting Tips

Good lighting is essential to get the best performance from the iContact Camera. Here are our favorite lighting tips:

  1. Use Natural Light: If possible, position your webcam setup near a window where you can take advantage of natural light. This will give your video a more balanced and flattering look. However, be mindful of the time of day and the potential for changing light conditions.
  2. Avoid Backlighting: Make sure that there are no strong light sources directly behind you, such as a window or a lamp, as this can make you appear silhouetted and harder to see on camera.
  3. Invest in a Dimmable Light: Our lighting solution provide a consistent, diffused light that can greatly improve the appearance of your video. Plus, you can fit it perfectly on your iContact Camera Pro!
  4. Use Multiple Light Sources: To avoid harsh shadows, use multiple light sources from different angles. This technique, known as three-point lighting, involves a main light (key light), a second light (fill light), and a backlight.

If you have additional questions about lighting, please contact our Customer Support team at [email protected]!

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