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Quickstart GuideUpdated 3 months ago

iContact Camera Pro Setup

Congratulations and thank you for ordering the iContact Camera Pro for better video calls! We'll have you up and running with the best performance in just a few easy steps. 

1. Remove camera from the box and rotate the camera body forward and open the hinge.

2. Select your USB type. For USB C, remove the USB A adapter that ships with the camera and plug your camera into your computer. 

3. Remove the protective film on the camera lens by pulling the red tab. Adjust the hinge mount to best fit your screen and swing the camera arm down. Select the camera in your video call app. 

3. Get the best possible camera performance from your camera with a neural color background and a soft front fill light. Here are some tips. You can fine tune your image on Mac with our free settings app, or on PC with camera setting. 

For more questions on setting up your camera, please reach out to our customer support team at [email protected].

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